Tree your mind

Let's fight for the beauty together

We invite you to become a part of the Tree Your Mind project of Cozzano.
The goal is to plant 100 trees in our little village, between Tuscany and Umbria.
The environment goes through difficult times due to insane industrial companies.
This project is our way to stand for the good.
Every 20€ collected plants one tree.
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041 trees
*The price covers the cost of the tree and fair payment for labor.
You can help plant a tree by sending money via PayPal or TransferWise*.
The minimum amount is 5€.
After the transfer, you will receive a confirmation and we keep you updated on the process.
You can also follow the project here: @projectcozzano

PayPay Email:

TranserWise details:

Azienda Agricola Villa Cozzano

Iban: BE11 9671 8094 2348


*We recommend using TranferWise since there is no fee.

Important! We want to keep in touch, to show you how and where we plant your tree.

As we do not see your contact information automatically, please leave your phone number or email when you make the transfer.

Thank you!
If you have any questions, please write us at
Contact us
Phone number: +39 333 727 4943
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